Thursday, 26 February 2015

Rosy Berryowl's Bio

Name: Rosy
Full name: Rosy Berryowl
Animal: Owl
Nickname: Rose (people tend to get her name wrong)
Personality: Rosy is a very sweet and generous owl, always putting other's needs before her own, wanting for others to be as happy as possible. She also loves Valentines' Day and roses.
Lives in: No specific place, but likes places filled with flowers

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Windninja's Bio

Name: Wind (prefers to be called 'Moon')
Full name: Windninja
Animal: Tiger
Personality: Like his owner, Windninja is a very calm and wise individual. He hates all evil, and is friendly towards anyone who is friendly back to him. He also likes the night, and stargazing.
Owner: Pouncing Fierywolf
Lives in: Cosmo's Den

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Snowflake Speedyjoy's Bio

Name: Snowflake
Full name: Snowflake Speedyjoy
Animal: Cheetah
Personality: Snowflake is a very energetic, cheerful, excitable, sweet girl with a good heart. She often also seems to act childish. Snowflake loves 'cute' colors like pink and pastel blue, and has a habit of calling things 'adorable' (this part is kind based off of me XD). She never stays sad for long and doesn't dwell on the past. She also loves running and being fast, and can be impatient. She also likes playing in the snow, and wears warm clothes all the time because she spends a lot of her day in the snow.
Lives in: Mt. Shiveer
Fun facts:
-She is somewhat based off of Sonic the Hedgehog.
-She was originally called Infinity Speedyjoy, and lived in Fantasy Castle.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Twinkle Snowyjoy's Bio

Name: Twinkle (prefers to be called 'Merry')
Full name: Twinkle Snowyjoy
Animal: Deer
Nickname: Christmas Lover
Personality: Twinkle is a very happy, caring, friendly deer. She is willing to be friends with anyone, and absolutely loves The Jamaalidays, and giving presents to others. She believes there is good in everyone, and that no one should be judged because they may do bad things. She'll forgive every apology given to her. She even sees good in the Phantoms, and tries to talk to them sometimes, but ends up having to be saved because she gets too close.
Pets: Hypersky (in the image below) and Megadeer
Lives in: Gingerbread House

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Pouncing Fierywolf's Bio

Name: Pouncing (usually prefers to be called 'Fang', though)
Full name: Pouncing Fierywolf
Animal: Wolf
Personality: Pouncing is very wise, disciplined and calm, but also very friendly, and protective of those she loves. She likes going on Adventures, and has a burning hate for the Phantoms.
Other info: She can control blue flames, that she calls "Soul Fire" (I'M SORRY MISSAQUAANIME XDDD).
Pets: Windninja
Lives in: Cosmo's Den

Infinity Theraccoon's Bio

Name: Infinity
Full name: Infinity Theraccoon
Animal: Raccoon
Personality: Infinity is a very loving and affectionate Raccoon, who values her friends and family dearly. She is always ready to protect those she loves, and has a burning hate for Phantoms. She doesn't only like to protect those she loves, though - she also protects the innocent, and has a hobby of going on Adventures. Infinity is very positive and likes to look on the bright side of things, and never really stays sad for long. She is very open and honest.
Lives in: Small House, but says she considers Adventure Base Camp her real 'home'.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Crash Therhino's Bio

Name: Crash
Full name: Crash Therhino
Animal: Rhinoceros
Personality: Crash is a huge tomboy. She is not afraid to get dirty in hand-to-hand combat and is very aggressive and bad-tempered.
Lives in: Appondale