Monday, 2 June 2014

Mythical Thegiraffe Bio

Name: Mythical
Full name: Mythical Thegiraffe
Animal: Giraffe
Nicknames: Scary, crazy spider lady
Personality/Backstory: Mythical is a very strange girl. She is into spiders (mostly tarantulas) and can actually communicate with them, and hear what they're saying. As soon as her parents found out about this they became afraid of her (her parents were afraid of spiders), and thought she was half-spider. They then kicked her out. She grew up as a very creepy and unsocial giraffe.
Pets: She has 800+ tarantulas, but her best friend is Redninja. She carries Redninja with her all the time.
Lives in: Haunted Mansion
(By the way, the spider to the left of that picture is Redninja, her best friend as stated in her Pets section.)

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Mythical Theturtle Bio

Name: Mythical
Full name: Mythical Theturtle
Nicknames: Skull Knight, Spike Ninja
Animal: Turtle
Personality: Mythical acts very serious and mature. She also acts rather docile and calm, and she talks in a very soothing and calm tone of voice.
Lives: Just travels everywhere around the sea
Fun fact: She sometimes fights off evil by spiking up the spikes on her shell, taking the shell off, and stabbing at them with it. She may also use it as a shield. Some would often compare this to a knight's swordsery (or whatever it's called o3o), which is where she got the name 'Skull Knight', the knight-like attacks and her skull markings. Some call her a Spike Ninja just because she is often quite, and she is mostly black.

Eternal Shyrabbit Bio

Name: Eternal
Full name: Eternal Shyrabbit
Nickname: Fox Lover, Shy One
Animal: Rabbit
Personality: Eternal's two main traits are the same as Fluttershy's (from MLP:FiM): She is shy and loves animals. She is shy around everything except animals, and by everything I mean literally, even if it's not a living thing - but she seems to have a thing with animals, and is not shy around them. She also loves foxes, which is why she has a fox hat and a fox pet, and she wishes she was one.
Lives in: Mushroom Hut

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Meet My Characters! Your Chance to Meet One of Your Favorite Characters From Fang99999's Animal Jam Blog!

Hello all! Here's a message from all of my characters! All of you reading this can meet my characters!
1. Leave a comment telling your username, and the character you want to meet (can be more then one).
2. Friend me.
3. Wait for me to accept your friend request next time I get on.
4. You can come anytime we're both online and meet the character you wanted to see!

ANY of my current characters you can see! As long as you have a required animal to see it, by this I mean like, if you want to see one of my water animals, then you'll have to have a Water animal too.

Bye from my characters, and hope to see you! (Ik the pic is horrible o3o and no these aren't all the characters you can see, you can see any of them I just couldn't put them all in it XD)

Phoenix Spiritbrave Bio

Name: Phoenix
Animal: Fire Leopard
Full name: Phoenix Spiritbrave
Former name: Mythical Quietleopard
Personality: Phoenix is a rebellious tomboy with an attitude. She finds joy in using her fire powers on anyone who deserves it, sometimes she might also fire a little flame at someone who annoys her. She has a short temper and is impatient most of the time. She is overly egotistic and will often insult people she finds to be 'worse' then her. Phoenix's real name is Mythical, but she hated her name so she just introduced herself to everyone as Phoenix, and now everyone just calls her that. Later she also decided the last two letters: Spiritbrave. She is seemingly obsessed with fire. She will never admit to making a mistake, if she does she'll just say something like "WOW. Do you think I'd do that? Do you REALLY think I'm THAT stupid?" and then she'll keep coming up with excuses, such as "No, that was just a warm-up! And you didn't let me finish!" and will keep coming up with excuses, it'd take probably a million tries until she'll eventually admit it.
Lives in: Lives in Volcano den, has fire-related furniture everywhere in her den and has a bunch of couches, jukeboxes etc. to keep her entertained and have fun, although she usually destroys everything with her fire, which she pleasures doing as she finds it fun.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Mythical Thedeer Bio

Name: Mythical
Full name: Mythical Thedeer
Animal: Deer
Personality: Mythical actually acts exactly like Rarity from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She is a fashionista and speaks in a sophisticated english accent.
Lives in: Moves homes all the time.

Daredevil Thecroc Bio

Name: Daredevil
Full name: Daredevil Thecroc
Animal: Crocodile
Personality: Daredevil is mostly known for her temper. She will get mad very easily and might do unexpected things, sometimes she might hurt someone sometimes she might just break everything, sometimes she might even swear, just from the smallest thing. Since a lot of things in life aren't perfect, expect her to lose her temper very easily and very rarely see her happy. But her anger isn't the only thing about her. She is also known for being "Swaggy", as everyone calls it. By this they mean "Cool". She walks in a "Fashionable" way, swinging her hips slightly - not doing it on purpose though, she is somehow born with this. She also speaks in a somewhat sophisticated tone of voice, while also sounding like a guy's voice but with a higher pitch and a little quieter (I don't know how to explain it o-o). She is also a tomboy, as most people would be able to see. She has almost no girly aspects about her.
Lives in: Water Park
Random fact: I made a Sonic the Hedgehog fan character based off of this character, Daredevil the Crocodile.